We are teaching Gab subjects for Grade 1 and this time we need help from textbooks. In Kinder and Pre-school, we can simply find worksheets and activities online or at the bookstores. For Grade 1, we need a guide on what, how and when to teach them.

Homeschool Global (formerly TMA) has provided a list of textbooks that are designed and can be used for Grade 1 curriculum. There are 2-3 books to choose from for every subject. The bookstore has open copies of the books so we were able to browse and choose the textbooks for Grade 1 that suit our style of teaching.

Grade 1 Homeschool Curriculum

Below are the textbooks for Grade 1 Homeschoolers that we got for Gab. We also added some books which are not included (*) in the grade 1 homeschool curriculum from our provider. You can use these first grade curriculum for homeschool as reference if you are searching for options.

Check out books from Amazon:


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  1. acgmac says:

    Thank you for your very informative and helpful blog. I just want to know if the books by Filipino publishers are available in bookstores. Thank you!

  2. Mich McLin says:

    Mommy Que, when is the MIBF and where will it be held? Thanks.

  3. acgmac says:

    Thank you so much for your replies.

  4. alpa says:

    Hi Mommy Que,
    Just wondering how are you doing with MAPEH? have you decided to go with DEPED curriculum, does your current provider charge differently for MAPEH? or how much more would it be and do you have to go to their school for the activities? thank you

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