Todo Math Educational App is an educational math app designed for kids in pre-K to Grade 2. It has cool games and activities that aids in learning important math concepts. The activities are very engaging and has several levels to match the child’s math competency.

Todo Math Educational App is a FREE app available for both iOS and Andriod. Parents are asked to make an account so you can sync the information in multiple devices. It has an in-app purchase for you to avail of a 1-yr or 2-yr subscription. A subscription allows you to unlock all the levels and features in Todo Math.

Gab has played with the Todo Math FREE App version. So far, here’s what we think about this math educational app.

Todo Math Educational App Review


Engaging Activities. Todo Math has lots of engaging activities. Gab loves to play with them again and again. It’s quite addicting so we have to remind him to rest sometimes. Learning math seems to be really fun with Todo Math.

New Math Activity Concepts. Todo Math has several ways to learn math. Many of the games and activities are quite new to us. It makes learning math even more interesting. Despite being new, the activities are still easy to understand.

Appropriate Levels. Each activity have several levels ranging from easy to challenging. For beginners, they can start with the easy levels and master these math skills first. Then they can progress to the more challenging levels. Some levels would need adult supervision. The game play would be new and can be frustrating if they the kids are not guided at first.

Progress Tracking. Parents can track the progress of their kids as they play along. They can see which skills they need more practice on. However, this seem to be available in the paid feature and limited for the free version.


Subscription Required. You need to have a subscription to unlock all the levels and features of Todo Math. The subscription isn’t that expensive. If your kids found renewed interest for math because of the app, it can be worth it. What is holding me back is that Gab treats it like a game instead as a learning tool. He sometimes delibrately make mistakes just to hear the funny sounds.

Limited to Grade 2 only. Currently Todo Math Educational App has activities up to Grade 2 only. New activities are being uploaded regularly but it might take time for the developers to add new grade levels.


Todo Math Educational App provides a lot games and activities for learning math skills. Each activity is interesting and engaging making it a bit addicting for kids who even don’t like math. It has different levels where the child can choose the right difficulty as they slowly build confidence to progress to higher levels.

However, to unlock all the levels and feature of Todo Math, a yearly subscription is required. The FREE version is just enough to get the benefits of learning math. But if your child has keen interest to finish all the levels, the subscription would be worth it.

Watch an actual video below of how Gab plays with the Todo Math App.

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