Here are 20 Challenging Singapore Math Questions for Grade 1. What I like with Singapore Math is that it promotes critical thinking. The problems being presented cannot be answered by mere memorization alone. The child has to understand the problem and deeply think on how to arrive to the answer.  Many times, the solution requires more than just 1 step, and involves the use of other math skills.

I have been teaching Gab some basic math skills for Grade 1 like understanding patterns, identifying shapes, counting, number bonds and basic arithmetic.

Sometimes I think Gab is smart enough to answer the questions I threw at him. But everytime I check out questions from a Singapore Math book, I am worried if I am teaching him enough. The challenging questions can be really tough. Like I said, it requires deep thinking. Memorization is not enough.

I love Singapore Math

Here are 20 challenging Singapore Math questions for Grade 1. Some questions can be simple but requires more than 1 step to arrive at the correct answer. Other questions can be really challenging. I don’t expect Gab to answer them all correctly. What I am after is if Gab is open to challenges like these and how is able to elaborate on his thinking process.

I give these questions not as a separate test but more of a brain teaser. Maybe 1 or 2 questions in a day. No time limits.  When he gives me the answer, I ask him to explain how he arrived at the answer. If possible, I also offer alternative solutions. This will give him an idea that there are can be many solutions to a problem.

You might want to give it a try with your kids. These are taken from notes on Singapore Math for Primary 1. These are for kids 6-7 years old in Singapore. It’s like the Grade 1 equivalent in the Philippines. Sometimes, I can’t believe they are teaching these to Grade 1 kids in Singapore already.

Have fun. 😀

Download 20 Challenging Singapore Math Questions here.

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