Number Bonds Worksheets show a representation of the relationship between numbers.  In a number bond, two parts are shown to make up a a whole. If you know the two parts, you can put them together to know the whole.  If you the whole and one part, you can take away the known part to find out the other part.

Understanding Number Bonds Worksheets

Number bonds are often found in Singapore Math Workbooks.  Through number bonds, the child can easily see the relationship between adding and subtracting.  Number bonds are especially useful in understanding word problems.

Below are worksheets you can use for number bonds worksheets. I also included a blank number bonds worksheet which you can easily fill up with your own numbers.

Singapore Math Number Bonds Worksheet

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  • Number Bonds – Addition
  • Number Bonds – Subtraction
  • Number Bonds – Blank Template 2 columns
  • Number Bonds – Blank Template 3 columns

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