I can only count until trillion. That is how much money I have in the bank right now! Chos!

But Gab is asking us to count beyond 12 zeros (trillion). He encounters this in our topics in astronomy like the distances from the sun and the planets. Or he gets very high numbers when he plays with the calculator and asks us how to read it.

Here’s the standard dictionary names for large numbers.

Name number of zeros
Million 6
Billion 9
Trillion 12
Quadrillion 15
Quintillion 18
Sextillion 21
Septillion 24
Octillion 27
Nonillion 30
Decillion 33
Undecillion 12
Duodecillion 39
Tredecillion 42
Quatttuor-decillion 45
Quindecillion 48
Sexdecillion 51
Septen-decillion 54
Octodecillion 57
Novemdecillion 60
Vigintillion 63
Centillion 303

Some trivia on large numbers

  • Googol is a name invented by a nine year old to a number 1 with a hundred zeros on it. It is included in most modern dictionaries but doesn’t have formal mathematical use. This word inspired the name of the company Google.
  • In 2009, Zimbabwe printed a 100 Trillion Zimbabwean dollar note. It was equivalent to 30 USD at that time.

Hope this helps you and your curious child.

Now let me withdraw that 100 trillion I have in the bank…




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