Christmas, other than one’s birthday, is a time of the year to give a special gift. Purchase gifts that are both educational and fun!

Here are some gift suggestions for homeschool kids based on their interests. Most of them can be sourced locally in bookstores and hobby shops.


A story book or a book that one is interested is always a good idea as a gift. It can be chapter story books, books on Astronomy, Bridges, or Plants. The list is endless. If you are not sure what to get, give a certificate they can use in the bookstore for their choice of books.

For hard-to find books and for special titles, we source books from Amazon and have them shipped to Manila.

Gab loves Astronomy and Bridges, we got him the Nightwatch and Bridges! books

Art Materials

Give drawing pads, coloring materials, brush set to those who likes to draw, doodle, paint, or to those who do calligraphy.

Something to keep the little hands busy.

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Field glasses

Binoculars or a magnifying glass are best for those who love nature study for them to take a closer look of things in nature like birds on top of a tree or worms on the ground.

Baking or Sewing Materials

Give a new set of baking pans, cupcake holders, nice cloth, patches or patterns for those who bake or sew.

Sports Accessories

For those who are actively doing sports, give something they can use for their training. Give a new set of googles or flippers for those who swim, socks or drifit shirts for those who want to run or bike.

Giving the best gift does not mean giving the most expensive ones but the ones they really need.

We hope this gift guide has helped you for getting the best and fit gift for your homeschoolers. Happy holidays!


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