Five letters of the 28 in the Filipino Alphabet are referred to as “Patinig” (Filipino vowels). These are the letters A, E, I, O and U. The rest of the letters are referred to as “Katinig” (Filipino consonants).

The first set of free patinig worksheets below asks your child to identify which drawing starts with a Patinig and to encircle it.

Patinig and Katinig are sometimes taught for Pre-school. But these Filipino subjects are often found in Kindergarten and Grade 1 textbooks.

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UPDATE: Download the Free Patinig Worksheets Part 2 here.

UPDATE: Check out the Katinig Worksheets here too.

Free Patinig Worksheets Set 1

Filipino Worksheets - Patinig A

Filipino Worksheets - Patinig E

Filipino Worksheets - Patinig I

Filipino Worksheets - Patinig O

Filipino Worksheets - Patinig U

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Free Patinig Worksheets Set 1

For more Free Filipino worksheets, visit our Filipino Page.


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    thank you very much for these worksheets…Very helpful po.

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