How do you know that your child is ready for Grade 1?  Gab’s lola shared that during her time, if a child will put his or her right hand over his head and can reach the left ear, then the child is school ready!

Like some parents, we were rushing Gab to learn as many as he can to be ready for kindergarten.  When we enrolled for Kinder 2 at TMA Homeschool, the teachers advised us to enroll him for Kinder 1 instead based to a new Deped age requirement guideline.

Based on the curriculum for Kinder 1 and some of the books, we thought that Gab is almost done with Kinder 1. Thus, we hoped to enrol him for Kinder 2 instead.

DepEd Logo 2015

However, a new Deped Order has set the Deped age requirement for Kinder and Grade 1 students for School Year 2015-16.

According to the Deped Order, the following are the Deped age requirement for Kindergarten

  • Children who will turn five years old by June 2015
  • Those who will turn five years old on or before October 31, 2015 must show proof of completion of Early Childhood Education, such as an attendance in day care/learning centers.
  • Children shall also be accepted after the teacher/principal has assessed their readiness to take Kindergarten education using appropriate development tools, such as the Early Childhood and Care Development (ECCD) Checklist.

And the same Deped Order states the following the Deped age requirement for Grade 1

  • Kindergarten completers will be accepted in Grade 1. The pupils should be at least six years old by October 2015
  • Children who have completed the Kindergarten Catch-up Program and deemed ready for Grade 1 based on the School Readiness Assessment Tool shall also be registered.

This Deped Order is strictly being enforced in all schools.  Homeschool providers like TMA is also following this Deped Order.

Gab will be turning 5 next year. Thus, based on Deped age requirement for kindergarten, he is still not ready for school this year.

I also asked him to place his right hand over his head and try to reach for his left ear.  He can’t reach it!

We might start with Kinder 1, instead. Or enroll him for Kinder 2 later this year when he is almost 5 years old.



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  1. emelyn tumbaga says:

    Pano naman po nov.9 sya mg 6 years old…marunong mgbasa ng english at tagalog story…masmagaling pa sya sa ng 6 sa oct 31 na mg gegrade1 n this year,,,sya n mrunong na hindi pd…sa 9 days na pgkalate ng idad 1year ang kapalit sa pagpasok sa iskwelahan…day care sya nagsimula then ,kinder 1 po xa dati ngayon kender 2

    • Daddy Jinoe says:

      Hi Emelyn, Deped is quite strict with the age requirement. Like us, we cannot enroll our son even if we think he can handle Grade 1 this school year.

      Our advise to us is not to rush things. Enjoy another year with them. Have more bonding time together. You’ll miss this time that they are still kids. School can wait. 😀

  2. GLENDA PEPITO says:

    how about if she will turning 5 on June 30? Is there any possibility that she can be qualified in the Kindergarten progrm of Deped even if the required birthday must be on or before June 1? Is there any MOA between parent and the DEPED if this is the case? where can we get the MOA?

  3. Daisy Enriquez says:


    My daughter is turning 4 years old this coming September. The school where I supposed to enroll her did not accept her for kinder 1 because of her age. They wanted to have her enrolled in nursery instead. If Deped is saying Kinder 2 is for those who are 5 years old on or before October 31, then my daughter should be accepted as Kinder 1 this year, not nursery.

  4. maricar mendoza says:

    aug3 mag 5 na anak ko, hindi daw iaccept sa kinder dapat daw 5yo by june 30, repeater na naman sa daycare anak ko, 1mo lang naman halos e, nakaka sad po!

    • Wjhonnah caspillo says:

      Pambihira..anong gusto ng deped ibaliksa tyan ang anak ko at ipingank xia ng june pra lng matanggap jn sa age limit nila..anong pinagkaiba ng ibng buwan sa june? Mg5 sa july ank ko ayw in hongkong alaga ko mg5 by december pero mgkinder2 na sa by august..onlynin the pinas..more fun nga naman,,kkagigil..hndi bah pwdeng iconsider nalng pare pareho lng nmn utak ng mga bata ngaun..

  5. Rechel Puerto says:

    Does kindergarten for Public school only requires 1 year only? Need some clarification for this since my daughter is already 4 years old and couldn’t be accepted in Kinder 1 yet. She started daycare school at 3 and she’s returning to daycare again since she is still 4.

    If it takes 2 years in kindergarten for kinder 1 & kinder 2 then my daughter will be late for grade 1 as she will be 7 years old by that time and public school standard for grade 1 is 6.

    I hope it only requires 1 year only in kindergarten so that she’s still on the standard.

    Please help me!

    • Daddy Jinoe says:

      In our case, Gab started with Kinder 2 right away. Ask your school if this is possible also. The age 6 for Grade 1 is just a minimum requirement. If your child is 7 at Grade 1, it should not be a problem. It’s still within the standard.

      • Sheila Olayvar says:

        What if July 27, 2016 6 y/o na anak ko, pilit nila pinababalik ng K2 e tapos na kami ng nursery at. Kinder sa other school.

      • vivian says:

        Hi! According to k-12 law-section 6- a child is only required to attend 1 year in kindergarten but it doesn’t mean that your child is eligible for grade 1 since we are following the deped order regarding the age limit. Futhermore it says that if your chikd is turning 5 on or before october 31 then you’re going to present the certificate of attendance from the school where he/she attended his/her daycare level☺

  6. CHARLYN says:

    pwede magtanong? pano kung yung anak mo ay naacept as grade 1 kahit sa february 16 pa mag sisix years old. Tapos nong magreklamo na ang ina nong kabatchmate nag anak mo ay saka pa inaksyunan ng paaralan ang age qualification ng anak mo. diba hindi naman yon kasalanan namin? kasalanan yon nang school kasi enenrol nila as grade 1 ang anak ko. na sa simula palang ay alam na nla na next year pa mag sisix?

  7. irene paule says:

    Hello po Deped, ask ko lang po kasi yung pamamngkin ko ay 5 yrs old na sa juy 1, 2016, nagday care po siya ng SY 2015-2016, ngayon babalik ulit siya sa day care dahil june 30 daw po ang cut-off ninyo sabi ng teachers,di po ba nakalagay sa memo ninyo na hanggang oct 31 basta ipakita lang angproof of early childhood education? Pakiclarify naman po kasi 1 day lang sa cut-off mag daycare na naman siya?

  8. I have the same problem. My son will be 5 years old by July 12. He cant be enrolled to kindergarten because of the June 1 cutoff date for kinder . What confuses and worries me is the cutoff date for grade 1 which is october 31. My question is, what will happen to those born between July 2 to october 31 next year? Where will they enroll, Kinder or grade 1? My son will be 6 years old next year by july 12 which is about 3 months before the october 31 cutoff date to qualify for grade 1. For me, there seems to be error or defect in the deped memo regarding cutoff date. Having 2 different cutoff dates will bring so much confusion. I think our EdDs(Doctors of Education) officials of Deped should look into this. Its simple basic mathematics that even a high school graduate can say its defective.

  9. Rommel Malabanan says:

    panu poh ung anak ko.. july 1 bday nya.. 4 years old n sya gayon d poh sya tinanggap sa day care.. pwede na ba sya may kinder next year kahit walang day care? tnx in advance

  10. Eds pcheco says:

    Paano gagawin if wala LRN un school n pinasukan ng anak ko nung kindergarden xa? Tapos ngayon po grade 1 na..

  11. Ramon says:

    I had something similar to that when in my old school. They said we can’t start grade 1 unless were 7 years old or turning 7 by september. They made us take this thing called prep, which is between the last year of kindergarden and grade 1. It was kinda unfair cause why can’t i go to grade 1 instead of prep. Americans don’t do prep, some schools in metro don’t do prep. It’s grade 1 right after kindergarden

    • ana says:

      I have the same problem right now. My son has been enrolled sa grade 1 completed kindergarden last year with flying colors pa and maganda raw scroe. Now.because of the LRN ibabalik sa preschool?!?!?!?!! regression mangyayari sa bata to think na dapat up to date sya…ang labo di kasalanan ng magulang o bata na walang LRN yun last school tapos ngayon ganito…ngayon paano process…may makakapagsabi…new school said na pumunta ng deped para assessment…nakapagadjust na un bata sa new environment nya and yet ganito….enlighten the parents Deped!!!

  12. Grace tish says:

    Hello po. Need some help po im getting confused po kasi my son is only 2yrs old and 9mos now. Nxt school yr he will be 3yrs old and 7mos. Need n po ba nya mag start ng school like nursery then K1 then K2 etc.. Should i enroll him next school yr na po or wait once he aged 4and 7mos for Kinder. His quit smart nman po e as early as now he know the alphabet, number, colors, animals and their sounds. Things that starts will letters A-Z.. Need your advice po 1 born ko po kc sya. Thanks. God bless.

  13. Che says:


    Ask ko lang po kung may policy ba ang deped sa public shcool na kapag 7 years old na po ang grade one student ay hindi na sya isasali sa top or honorable students.? yung son ko kasi is 7 years old last May 2016 and grade sya this year. matataas ang grade nya and nung kinuha na po namen yung card nya sabi ng teacher nya, hindi sya isasama sa top listing or honorable student. Bakit po ganon? unfair naman sa anak ko na masipag naman talaga mag aral, hindi naman yata tama yon kasi may mga classmate din sya na 7 years old pero mababa naman ang grades. Nawalan po kame ng pag asa dahil sa sinabi ng teacher nya. hindi po makatao kung may ganoong policy ang deped.

  14. JO says:

    My son is currently a KG-2 pupil here in Saudi Arabia, he is 5 years old. Due to his health condition, we let him stop. He only finished the 1st quarter. We are planning to bring him to the Philippines next year, hopefully to study. He will be 6 year old next year. Do he have to enroll to KG-2 again, isn’t it not a problem?

  15. Yvvonne says:

    Magandang hapon po, ask lang po ako kasi nalilito ako…Ang anak ko po ay mag 6 this coming Oct. ipa enroll ko sana sa Grade 1 kaso daw dpa pwede kasi hindi nka sakay sa cut off ang bday nya.. She will be graduatiog for K2 by this march..Ang tanong ko po ay kahit ba ang anako ko marunong bumasa sumulat dpa rin ba sya tatanggapin for grade 1? Sabi kasi ng teacher tinanong ko sa public school d daw pwede kasi iyong skol na pinapasokan ng anak ko ay hindi pa accredited..Kahit po ba ganun kailangan bumalik ng anak ko sa k2 sa public school? Iyan lang po tanong ko thank you AND gOD BLESS..

  16. weslie grant says:

    ung panganay namin mag 4years old sya s september , dpat nursery palang pero inaccept n agad sya sa kinder kasi nga mataas ang IQ , marunong ng magbasa, magsulat, magaddtion, mag recognize ng size, colors, shapes…na hindi ordinaryo s edad nya..para na syang grade1 magisip.. kaya bbgiyan sya ng diagnostic exam kapag naipasa nya baka pede p syang ipasok s mid kinder to grade1 books

  17. Sam says:

    That’s our issue today with my son he turning 6 on Nov.2 (late 2 days for the age requirement for grade1),Deped guidelines is very disappointing and I could say Deped is not ready yet for K12…. They don’t have a system or any acceleration program for smart student but under the age requirement. Nowadays, kids are now smarter and mature, some don’t need to be at age of 6 to be on grade1 level.

  18. Helga says:

    Yung anak ko nag summer school na at the age of 2 tapos Kinder1 ng 3 1/2 tapos ngaun 4 years old na sya balik pre-Kinder.

    Nung una hindi ko matanggap pero na-realize ko kahit gaano kaaga mo pa ipasok ang bata pag dating ng kolehiyo magkakaalaman din kung matatapos on time kaya chill kame at nag move on. 🙂

  19. Ella Rojas says:

    I have faced this same scenario. I am one one of those parents that has taught their kids to be school ready at a very early age. My little girl barely 4, can speak and explain clearly, identify letters and numbers, sing 50+ nursery rhymes and does really well along with those who are schooled. I enrolled her for a summer class last year when she was barely 3 yrs old and boy, she interacted and actively participated in class. The teacher thought she has been to school already. I had decided this year, since my child, being a bit advanced, to try enrolling her to kinder, only to find out it was not allowed since she’s not even 4 yet. School says she needs to take pre-kinder and then kinder. I enrolled her on 2 summer classes before to ensure she can understand how it is. I was glad she was so brave and independent and will go to class without crying when we leave her there.

    I only found about this deped requirement regarding child age that we need to follow. It may be frustrating for some parents but let us look at the brighter side.

    I also got this advise from one of my friends, “papakinder 1 mo, then ano ung itinuro sa kinder, yun pa rin yon. Uulitin lang. Sayang ang oras, pagod pa lagi ang bata kasi kelangan mong tapusin ng isang taon, nakakaawa ang bata at sayang ang pera”

    So it got me thinking. And I had to reassess. Knowing my child does well, her learning will need to depened on the majority of her classmate’s level.

    I think we have to accept this order in good faith. A toddler needs to spend more time in play and learning at their own pace — learning should not be rushed! They will spend 13 yrs in k-12anyways, so why do we need to rush one more year?

    Let them be kids first and foremost before isabak sa rigorous school setup. Their childhood very short. I had enrolled my little 3 yr old for summer and naawa ako minsan coz I have to wake her up early to get her ready for school every morning and it was a bit hard for her. She will spend 2hrs in school and goes home looking so tired. To think she has to do this for 1 school year once I enroll her to Pre-kinder. So I had to reassess and checked out some options available before she will be enrolled to kinder. I found out I can plan several activities for my child like taking art classes, music or ballet class. Possibilities are endless! Even get a tutor to ensure she gets refreshers on what she needs to learn in school.

    I have researched some fun affordable classes where I can enroll my child and I will share these later once there are all verified. Again, lets not take out the fun out of their childhood and let your child be a child.

    • Daddy Jinoe says:

      Thanks for sharing Ella.

      We felt the same way. At first, we find the Deped Order a bit restricting to our son’s potential. But later, we agreed that school can wait. We enjoyed the extra time we had without school.

  20. Elizza Dave says:

    Hello, ask ko lang po kasi yong anak ko po, 7yrs old na this july, nakapag kinder 2 po sya pero di nya natapos kasi nag ka problem po kami at napahiwalay sya sakin, ngayon po andito na ulet sya sakin at ippa enroll ko na sana for grade 1, pwde po ba yon kahit di nya natapos ang k2 nya, if hindi naman po, meron po ba ibang pwedeng gawin para maka catch up sya ? naawa po kasi ako ayoko ma late sya ng 1yr. thanks po! I need reply po.

  21. Joy A says:

    Tanong ko lang po, ang kinder po ba required na mg kinder 1 and kinder 2? pano po pag di nakapag kinder 1 and 5 years old, pwede na ba sha accepted as kinder para next year grade 1 na sha at age 6? Kse 5 years old na anak ko, ala sha anything like nursery or daycare. Late na ba sha? bka di sha umabot grade 1 nxt yr at 6 yrs old

  22. Catherine Valencia says:

    Hi good day, i just want to ask something. Pina register ko yung anak ko by February and nag undergo sa screening ng teacher. Mag 5 yrs.old sya by Sept.4 this yr. Naka pag nursery na din sya and marunong na din magbasa. After screening nag bigay ng schedule ng Brigada Eskuwela umattend ako to participate kahit na may work ako, After that nag check ako nandun na sa list yung name ng anak ko my section at time na ng pasok so akala ko ok na, then last May 26 nag txt sa akin ang teacher pinapunta ako sa school at binabalik sa akin lahat ng requirements na di daw pwede yung anak ko kc sept.4 pa mag 5 yrs.old.. Dhil marami daw nag pa enroll na sakto sa edad at ang cut off daw ay Aug.2017 naki usap ako na bka pwede e consider kc 3 days nalang naman 5 yrs.old na yung bata.. Tama ba yun na ibalik ang requirements ko eh lahat ng process dinaanan namin??? At masyado ng late dpat on the day of screening palang sinabi na nya… Wala nmang sinabi so meaning pasado ang bata tapos biglang ganun.. Very disaapointed talaga ako at naiinis ako bakit ganun?? Pls.give me an advice. Thank you..

  23. Catherine says:

    Hi… I tried to enroll my daughter who had finished kindergarten in a private school. During the enrollment, I had the information that the cut off age for the Grade 1 is the child should be turning 6 on October, so my daughter is in. The teacher told us to complete the requirements as my daughter will be taking a PEP test (which they said a requirement from DEPED) for those who have no Learning Reference Number yet. So I finished all the requirements (which actually I came to school back and forth because every time upon submission, lacking of this…and that…and those…which the hell….they could have told it just once) so in short, I had all the effort to complete everything. Day of re-submission… I was told that the cut off age should be turning 6 at the month of August….What a heck!!!! And they even informed that it is somehow a new circular memorandum by the DEPED!!! How could this be true??!!! I was really pissed off this day… Good thing for me that I had my daughter enrolled at kindergarten…again…prior to this thing happened…and before they announced that they shut off the enrollment for kindergarten as they met already the required maximum capacity per classroom. Really big PISSED OFF!!!!

    • Rem says:

      Ganyan din po yung concern ko po.. ayaw po iaccept yung anak ko sa Grade 1 kasi mag-6 years old pa lang sya sa Sept. 9 (nkapag-kinder pero walang LRN). So inenroll ko na sya sa Kinder 2. But then, ngtanong po kami ngaun lang sa 1 public school, sabi ang cutoff October naman. Naguguluhan na po ako sa memo ng DEPED… ano ba talaga?

  24. Rein says:

    Hi, mine is actually different. My son just turned 6 last March and he’s already a grade 2 student. Very young for grade2 diba? He started his preschool at 3. He was supposed to be at nursery that time but since K1 and K2 lang ang available sa school na pinag-enrolan ko sa kanya, he was accepted to K1 after the assessment. My son was really active, confident and smart na talaga even when he was just 2, and I saw his willingness and excitement to study at school na. I was very happy of course, but later on, I noticed na habang tumatagal medyo nagbago sya. As he grows up, his confidence is no longer visible. Naging mahiyain na sya. Na-divert yung interest niya from learning to playing toys, watching tv and videos online. Although, okay naman ang grades niya. Kumbaga, as a student, his level is average, which I felt disappointed at first because I really expected too much from him. I know it was wrong, he was/is just a kid. I should have not let him study early sana. Kaya ngayon, he seems struggling na makipagsabayan sa classmates niya na almost 2years ang tanda sa kanya.

    Prior this school year, my husband wanted him to stop or ibalik sa grade 1, but my son was crying when he learned about that and promised to study harder. It broke my heart, really. So, I asked his grade1 teacher’s opinion and she said na kaya naman daw ng anak ko to move to the next level. I even asked my friend who’s also a teacher and told me to let my son continue his studies, and since my LRN na, as much as possible daw dapat continuous daw ang studies ng bata. She also suggested a daily study habit at least an hour. Kaya ayun, I still enrolled him to grade2. And while we’re waiting for his school to start, I also enrolled him to Kumon kasi super lazy sya sa magsulat and he hates numbers. As of now, may improvement na yung pag kuKumon niya. May daily study habit na kami which is good. Binawasan ko na din yung panonood niya. It’s just a part of a reward, like if he does his homework first then he can use his ipad na. He just needs to focus and be disciplined. Malawak kasi imagination niya, kaya madalas sya nag di-day dreaming and very inquisitive kaya nawawala sya sa focus kapag may ginagawa syang school work and even homework. I just want him to bring back his confidence, I still let him play more than studying. I just always encourage him and remind him that it’s okay to make mistakes so he can learn. And I think, it’s working. Hopefully, magtuloy tuloy na. 🙂

  25. MOMMY REA says:

    ask ko lng po, pag enroll ba anak natin required ba tlga sa school na mag provide ng form 137? kc ung school na pinanggalingan nya (learning and tutorial center) ndi daw sila nag issue ng from 137. nung enroll ko cia binanggit ko sakanila na ndi nag issue ung school na pinanggalingan nya, ang sabi ok lng daw mag provide n lng daw ng certificate na dun tlga cia nag aral. so we proceed to enroll my son, then after few weeks hinahanapan kmi ng form
    137 if ndi daw kmi mkapag provide ndi daw cia pwd mag grade 1 need daw nya bumalik sa k2. ano po ba pwd ko gawin? he just turn 6 years old last May 25.
    issue po ba tlga ngaun sa school ang form 137?

  26. arys bauson says:

    ask ko lang po ano po ba talaga ang cut off ng dep ed pagdating sa edad ng bata kc ung anak ko 6yrs old ng july kaya nka enroll ng grade1 ngaun po gustong ibalik ng principal sa kinder2 dahil june1 daw kailangan 6yrs old ng ung bata para maging grade1. ano po ba talaga? sana hndi nalang kau naglabas ng memo last school year para hndi ko nalang inenroll sa grde 1 ang anak

  27. eugene lua says:

    my daugther is turning 6yrs old this october 23 2017.ok lng po ba na nasa grade 1 na sya..thank you..

    • mommy tiff says:

      hi Eugene, what school sya nag-aaral? actually im looking for a school na pwedeng mag accept sa daughter ko sa kinder kahit na she’ll turn 5yrs old p lng this coming December. ayaw syang accept sa mga schools kc daw 4yrs old pa lang sya. pero ang point dun, this yr eh mag 5yrs old naman na sya. and feeling ko, late naman sya mag grade 1 pag nagkataon. kahit papatak na 7yrs na sya sa grade 1. 🙁

  28. David Medina says:

    Hi Good Morning. Ask ko lang po. ung anak nmin nag nursery na cya at ngaun kinder 1 na. ngaun gusto nilang ilagay sa kinder 2. mag 5 years old na sya this august 24, 2017. nagun pwede ba syang mag stay sa kinder 1? un kasi gusto nmin wag irush. plano pa kasi namin na mag kinder 2 next year and then grade 1. hind ba sya magkakaproblema in the future like sa LRN?

  29. robert says:

    Paano gagawin if wala LRN un school n pinasukan ng anak ko nung kindergarden xa? Tapos ngayon po grade 1 na..

  30. elaine saldevar says:

    hi, i want to ask kung anong dapat kong gawin. a school here in baguio accepted my child as kindegarten sy 2017-2018. as per their website and all, children born june 2011-oct 2012 is quealified to enrol. my child’s dob is 9-4-12. so we went thru their enrolment process, pumasok na yung anak ko sa first day, then suddenly , the school registart asked me to withdraw my child, because they didnt know daw that deped will not take child who is not 5 yts ald after aug 31. its unacceptable. we invested so much time, effort and money para makapasok anak ko.

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