Adding by 0 is our first set of worksheets for mastering basic math addition for Grade 1. It’s the fastest to master for any child.  Below are some adding by 0 worksheets and strategies that I used to teach Gab this basic addition fact.

Adding by 0 Teaching Strategies

The strategies below are just suggestions. It may work or may not work with your child. I suggest using one strategy at a time.  If the strategy already works, stick to it. Having too many strategies can be confusing also. If your child has developed their own strategy to consistently arrive to the correct answer, use it as well. In fact, that may be the best strategy!

  • When adding by zero, the answer will be same as the number being added.
  • Show the child the addition facts from 0+0 to 0+10 and point out the pattern. See the 0 Addition Facts table below.
  • Emphasize the commutative property of addition. It simply means that the order of the numbers (or addends), does not affect the answer. Thus, the answer for 0+9 is the same as 9+0.
  • Use large numbers as examples. It’s fun. Ask what is 145+0 or even 1 million + 0.

 Addition Facts +0

Adding by 0 Worksheets

Use the worksheets below to practice adding by 0.  I recommend having 2 worksheets per day only.

The first four worksheets below are good for 2 days of practice.

 Adding by 0 - 01 Adding by 0 - 02
 Adding by 0 - 03  Adding by 0 - 04

The last four worksheets has a line for TIME.  I used this to time Gab on how fast he can answer the 20 items correctly.  Our goal is to be fast and accurate at the same time.  Thus, if he makes a mistake, 10 seconds is added to the total time.

We don’t set a time limit. We just use the time as a comparison with previous worksheets.

These timed tests are optional. You may opt not to take note of the time. Some experts believe that timed tests have a negative impact on kids.  Aim for accuracy over speed.

 Adding by 0 - 05s Adding by 0 - 06s
 Adding by 0 - 07s  Adding by 0 - 08s


Read also our 8-week Basic Math Addition Mastery Plan.

Gab Basic Math Addition

Looking for other FREE addition worksheets for Grade 1, visit our Addition Facts page.


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